Saturday, October 10, 2020

Today is two years Since Hurricane Michael ...

Sitting here, still displaces from the major Cat 5 hurricane, Michael. I see memories pop up on social media about today while I watch it rain from the window. My heart is still broken for our losses. I can not believe we still have not recovered. I never in my life thought I would see such devastation.  It was incredibly unbelievable.  As we wait for the house to be finished, I feel so lost and scared of what the future holds. It seems we really got screwed here while the entire city of lynn haven higher ups ripped off so many. With hundreds of Bay county families still displaced today, it is clear what comes first around here. Finding help is difficult. We don't want handouts. We lost 22 years of our life. An entire household, gone. We are starting from scratch and this is one of the moat difficult things I have had to do in a very long time. This has wore my kids out, it has wore my mind out. The frustration is real. 
I am trying to be positive for the future,  but with so much's rough.

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