Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello all. I hope everyone is doing well. I have had so much on my plate lately. We had to take Nik to another doc today. He has a lot going on. He is 5 and on 7 medications! Its nuts, but he is a little trooper and keeps on moving forward. Sometimes I feel so sad for him, but then he laughs and smiles and does something silly and I feel everything will be okay.
I am so bogged with school and this new job. But I love it! I love that junior stays home with the kids and is such a good daddy! I have tried and tried for years to get where I am now. Sometimes I am thankful he lost his job. I mean money wise it hit us hard but otherwise it seems like the best thing to every happen! And for that I am grateful! All of my kids are trying so hard to work together and keep the house nice and be good for daddy while mommy is out. Here I sit at 130 am, most of them are sound asleep. Tavy ofcourse, is wide awake sitting here with me lol little turd. But I just can't help but think how lucky I am. Sleep deprived, working my butt off, and happy as can be! I am done with letting things get to me. I do not have time for it. I have 8 beautiful beings here that I need to keep my head up for. They are the reason I do anything and everything and honestly without them I am nothing.

I have also been thinking lately. I have seen so many people who have terminal illnesses making bucketlists. I hought we were all terminal. I mean we are ALL going to die. So why can't we have a list of things we want to do in our lifetime? I am making this challenge to all I know...make a bucket list. I know perfectly healthy people who get killed everyday. No one knows what tomorrow holds. So today, cross something off your list. Did you hug the ones you love? Make it a point to do so everyday. Never assume someone knows you love them. We take so much for granted and should let others know they are loved, needed and would be missed!

Take care all!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


passed my med school exam. I scored 23/30. 30 being max, 15-18 being average 20-22 above ave and 23 and up pure awesomeness lol meeting tomorrow about my job and I will start my internship (1390 clocked hours) under a doctor in 14 months. until then its study medicine medicine medicine. I can't wait! I graduate april 22nd 2012. so the end of the world has to wait because NOTHING is going to stop me.
I also wanted to let everyone know, I am not on FB often so for updates and such look here. I am just over fb, ms and the like. I just don't have much time for it anymore. I think of all my friends and love and miss you all. I have 8 lives to protect, care for, love and support and I want the to have a good life so I must better myself in order to provide that for all of us. I will be helping others and making good money once I am a PA. I will have a little more time once school is done and I will only be working one job with a doctor so I will be home most weekends and nights.
I also started making thekids clothes and diapers for the little ones. Turns out I can sew! lol who woulda thunk it?

Keep updated with my crazy life. Thanks to all o you who have backed me in my choices and understood (and forgave) my busy-ness (is that even a word?)

Light and love!