Monday, May 23, 2011

So it has been a while...

Things have been so insane around here. Trying to get a job, juggle 8 kids and the millions of things that entail the above. The kids are doing great. They all passed home school evals and will go on to next grade. The two eldest will start virtual high school (actually graduate with credits in our county!) and the younger ones will go on with my guidance.
I have a lot on my plate currently and want to reiterate how busy I am. I do not mean to seem as though I am ignoring anyone. I currently do not have a phone to text or call anyone. We gave those up for now. We made a choice to homeschool 8 children and we have responsibilities that outweigh luxeries that we could really care less about.
The lifestyle my family and I live is rather unusual and many still do not understand. We love our big family. While 8 children was not "in the plans" I am loving every minute of being the CEO of this big home.
What I want to touch on today is to help others get an idea of our life. This is something I have tried to stress before but I suppose I have gone about it all wrong.
Imagine (those of you who have kids) how busy you are with your one child, two kids, 3 kids, 4 kids...double that and add one who is disabled, the responsibility of teaching them at home...everything we do revolves around this little beings. THEY come first. End of story. No one else's feelings are considered when it comes to the choices we make. We could care less how our family affects YOU. YOU are not in our home. I know this sounds harsh, but do I ask you to do things for me knowing you work, have kids and such? No.
I am busy enough with my own life and family.
Now for those who do not understand ow we do it...
We are used to this chaos, and live for it! I love this life! While at times I am exhausted, I am happy. IDK why people have to act so shocked when they see us out in public. ("they are ALL yours?" "how do you do it?") I know several moms with more kids and they love it as well. I have not yet met a mom with a lot of kids say, "OMG IDK what to do with these kids", I usually hear that from moms with one or two kids. and I can't help but laugh.
Also let me clearify we do not live off state assistance. I am an author, freelancer and currently a full time student for my medical degree.
We do have a very tight budget yet we live well because we shop smart! I always tell my husband that even if we won the lotto I would till do what I do now! I love it. If anyone has any questions other than how do I do it and do I know what birth control is (and anything like that). Please post them here! I am going to be transforming this blog over the next few weeks so please keep checking in!
For those who know me personally, you know what it is like here lol and thank you for being so awesome and understanding!

More to come