Tuesday, August 31, 2010


There is an ever growing trend today in birthing. So many women are giving into a c section for "emergency" reasons. Did you know that true emergencies are rare? Let me explain to you what an OB today considers an emergency, BEING LATE FOR TEE OFF, DINNER PRTY OR ANY OTHER THING S/HE HAS TO DO OTHER THAN WAIT ON YOUR BODY TO DO ITS JOB. Why not let the OB do it for you? It is faster and keeps a nice fat bank account for your OB. AAAAND, as long as your doc specifies it is an emergency, your INS will pay!!! Who can lose, right? Well let me first tell you, your baby is losing out. Our uteruses are made to contract, (squeeze the baby). Your vagina is made for the baby to exit your womb, this mode of exit is supposed to help get the amniotic fluid out of your babies lungs, and also help them take their first breath. Our bodies were created to birth our babies! Yet everyday millions of women submit to a c section thinking, "Oh, i can't dilate on my own", "My doctor said the baby was too big". LEt me dispell another myth for you. THE HUMAN FEMALE BODY WILL VERY RARELY CREATE A BABY TO BIG FOR HER BODY TO BIRTH!!! Wake up women! We are NOT broken! Women who do create very large babies often have an underlying health problem, such as diabetes or gestational diabetes. Therefore, these women NEED to be seeing an OB.
Home birth is not for everyone. That is not my point here.
MY point is, something needs to be done about these c section rates across the US. Women need INFORMED CONSENT. I want for you to look up informed consent. I want you to read something other than what to expect while you're expecting! Read some Ina May Gaskin. DO research on the web, your local OB's and hospitals. Do not take my word for it. Look at your c section rates for YOUR city. Women with a low risk pregnancy should stay home through most of labor. This helps minimize the amount of interventions that could occur. One intervention brings on another. Your amniotic sac does not HAVE to be ruptured by a doctor. It helps cushion the contractions and keeps your baby safe! Trust me, it will break when its time!
Im not going to sit here and type out a ton of stats or say home birth is the only way. I feel women should have a choice! BUt MOST women just blindly do what the OB says. Then when your baby is born not breathing well from all the drugs you took during labor, or has issues bonding after a c section, you will understand why.
It just stuns me how many women are okay with being cut open. I often hear the exact same excuse..."Failure to progress" or "baby was too big". If we are so uncapable of having babies on our own, the human race would have died out thousands of years ago. Oh my! What would we have done with out an OB there to yell at us to push, or tell us our bodies dont work right?
Women need to stop doing routine inductions, there is NO REASON for it!!! Unless mother or baby's lives are ind danger, lets make this common practice extinct! I want to see more women go into the OB's office knowing more than when their last period was! I challenge my fellow preggo moms to be proactive whe it comes to the care of their reproductive organs! Lets start a riot! A revolution!
I would love to hear your c section stories, stories on pissing off your OB, anything! Write me @ enigmaanjel@gmail.com

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feeling so huge and exhausted

I had such a nice few days of energy and got a lot done around here. But the past two days I feel SO drained. I know it comes with the end of pregnancy, but there is still a lot to do. I will soon be able to do the nursery, and I was hoping to have it complete before the baby gets here. But between me, Junior and Steven, we only have so many hands to finish the extra room and switch rooms around. It is hard, but we can say we do almost everything on our own with no help. And once it is all done, we can marvel at the work we've done. It will feel good!
I have so much on my mind lately. I wish I could relax for a moment. I would like to be calm and relaxed before labor begins. But so much weighs on my brain anymore. I know things will be okay somehow.
Well not much of an update, more like just venting some lol. I hope this week is good for everyone!
And don't forget True Blood is tonight! After tonight only two epis left! ahhhh!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's been a while

It has been over 4 months since my last entry. A lot has happened. I am now around 35 weeks pregnant and with my due date closing in I feel exhaused. I have everything ready for the birth. My birth kit is here an organized, the pool is ready to be set up and the add on room is almost half way done.
The baby is growing well and it shows lol. I feel like a small whale, but I know it will all be okay. I am getting small bursts of energy here and there and getting things done and prepared. I feel almost ready.
I was just laying here in bed, listening to the quiet and thought I needed to post.
I created this blog to share the day to day hapenings of a different kind of mom with a different kind of life. To give others some insight. And what happened? Life caught up with me and I became rather busy.
I will also be using this to document my labor and birth. So keep up with this page and I promise there will be updates and more to come.

I also wanted to talk about something I read in another moms blog the other day that is bothering me. This woman was blogging about what it means to be a mom and how important her identity was. She has one child. She also has a career which she feels should be what defines who she is. Really?? Here is what I think, if you have a child (or children), you are a MOM. I do not look at being a mom a downer. What is with these women and the need to try and be something else? Having a child is a huge step in life, one that is going to come with many titles sooooo, why fight it? I do many things in what spare time I have, but I certainly do not want any of those things to define more, because I am first and foremost a mom. Why do we have children?
I will tell you now, I LOVE being pregnant, I love labor and giving birth. I adore these little beings that I bring into this world! I would do it over and over if I knew I could. This is my last child and while I am trying to enjoy it, I have many trying to bring me down. It is okay though. This is human nature at work. When we do not understand someone or something, our instinct is to attack it. Some people find the neeed to belittle someone or something to make themself feel superior. When we see or hear of someone doing something different, we often have to justify what we are doing and find things wrong with what that person is doing so we feel okay with the choice we made. This cycle needs to stop. This is one point of my blog. I want to take you on a journey through the life of a family who does things very differently.
I hope you follow me, though I am slow at getting things going on here, I promise to give you some insight, some facts and a lot of my opinion.